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A star is born and her name is Ginny

“Honestly, I have had many more than just one success in my life.  But one of these successes stands out the most.  Acting.  I used to be a shy, timid, little girl out on the big stage.  The bright lights and fired up parents made me nervous.  Of course, this was a little while back (second grade to be exact).  I had just gotten the main role of “Tiger-Shark”.  Seriously!  THE MAIN ROLE!  Which meant I had to memorize LOTS of lines.  In the end I achieved this goal.  I completed the play and memorized everything.  Fast forward to 2016:  Elm Street.  Elm Street Arts is a little acting theatre in an old building in a town I just moved to (Woodstock).  I had taken several acting classes at Elm Street and now was my big time to shine!  My mom took me to “The Little Mermaid” play auditions and I had to sing a solo in front of so many people.  I was so nervous I would not get a part.  Eventually I found out I got an amazing funny role as Ariel’s sister mermaid.  Yay for success and bravery!”

Ginny, 11
Woodstock, GA

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