SLAE Stories

Adriana finds her rhythm

“What I am most proud about is making the dance team this year.  I used to be on a dance team in Buffalo, NY (Future Dance) and when we moved to Georgia we could not find a studio that we really loved.  I started at Rhythm Dance last year and it was really a learning experience.  When I started, I was always put in the back.  It made me feel kind of bad, but I thought it was because I was tall, so that gave me the confidence to keep trying hard and giving it my all.  By the end of the year, I moved up to the front and I know it was because I really worked hard and showed my teachers that I could improve.  If I didn’t dance I would probably not be where I am today because it taught me how to work hard for the things that you want.  I started dance when I was 3 but I really did not start feeling confident in it until I was 10.  I really found my inner self”

– Adriana, 11
Woodstock, GA